Purchase Guidance

You don’t buy a home every day. It’s one of the most valuable purchases in your life. Everything is new to you: the language, the country, the municipality and also the law.

Lamotmakelaars knows the market and has knowledge of the region.

Your living requirements

When you chose to work with Lamotmakelaars, we will start together by investigating your wishes. Here by we will discuss various locations in and around Eindhoven and also consider your budget, distance to work, access to nearby facilities and off course your budget. As a result, we will have a clear list of your living requirements, that should help us finding properties that are interesting to visit.

Searching for a new home

When you have seen a nice house or apartment, we will have a second view together. If you are still interested in buying the house, we will investigate the asking price for that property. What would our estimated value for that property be?

  • We will have a look at the purchase history of that property and similar properties.
  • We will have a look at similar properties that are currently for sale.
  • We will have a look at the exact location, the situation of the property in the neighborhood, nearby facilities, etc.
The bidding process

After considering the asking price and the estimated value of the property, we will help you in placing a bid on the property and negotiating on the price of the property. We will advise you on which bids to place, but you will decide how much money we are bidding for the property. Next to the purchase price, also the purchase date and other things can be important.

The purchase contract

If we reach an agreement with the sellers of the property about the final purchase, a purchase contract will be made. We will inspect the details and explain them to you, so there are no more questions about it and everything is clear to you. This is a big and important purchase for you, so there for everything needs to be 100% in order, before you sign the purchase contract.

Technical inspection

Depending on the property, we advise you to have a technical inspection done. This can prevent you from nasty surprises and ensure you that you are buying a good home. We know some good companies that perform technical inspections and can even by present at these inspections ourselves, so we can advise you on details or request further details from various instances if needed.

Finding a notary

After singing the purchase contract, it’s time to find a notary that is required for registering the property on your name and off course transferring your money to the sellers in return. Also the notary is required for activating mortgages. As there are quite some differences in quality and price between various notaries, we will help you in picking the right notary for you. It might be possible that you also need a translator at the notary. Both the notary costs and the translator costs are for your account.

Arranging your mortgage

Most people buying a house, will also need a mortgage in order to pay for their house. If needed, we can advise you a couple of companies that do mortgage advice. It is important that you start arranging your mortgage on time, because this can take more time than expected.

The only thing that matters for us is that you buy a good home without problems!

Overview of estimated costs for buying a home
Purchase guidance by Lamotmakelaars: 750€
Home inspections: 375€
Notary: 1.200€
Translator: 275€
Mortgage Advice: 1.750-2.750€


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